geerim, precredit, debt collecting

Geerim & Precredit

Present on the market since the end of the second world war.
Geerim is specialized in debt collection

Précrédit is specialized in financial information, including
on-demand investigations.


Credit Management

Our assets:

A personalized contact with the debtor - immediate legal procedure.A tailor-made approach to every kind of situation, with one same goal: to deliver results.
At any time, you remain informed on the progress of your files.

Financial Information

Précrédit proposes a range of investigations based on customers, suppliers and competitors informations. Our investigators are dedicated to answer to your specific questions, in order to respect the requirements of whatever company’s size and activity.



We phone friendly in order to manage the revivals of all your invoices.


Direct Marketing

Connected with the most exhaustive and qualitative databases, we propose various services :
enrichment in siren/siret, phone number, addresses, postal cod, activity
the update of the structural data of the companiesdefinition of typology customers and creation of the file prospective customer